HOME / Casa / HOME3

8 May, 2017

La Galería en una casa, la Casa en una galería.

Exhibition of design, photography and art / from April 27 to June 3 2017

MONDO GALERIA presents its third edition of HOME / House / HOME, in this exhibition the gallery becomes a home; “The imaginary of an invented collector”. He fills the space by opening a contemporary dialogue with art and photography.
The invented collector and a new edition focused on the beauty and usefulness of the curve as a structural and aesthetic element. 
In HOME / casa / HOME3 the latest design products are shown with the latest pieces and objects from 50 creators selected by Marta Valea (interior architect and director of Caotics), to create a close experience to the mundane, the habitable, the Collectible, without intellectual or aesthetic barriers.
This exhibition takes place in MONDO GALERIA and in the new space CAOTICS, (Travesía de Belén nº3) dedicated to Creation and experimentation as well as in “The Window” (Travesía de Belén nº2).

La necesidad del coleccionista tiende precisamente al exceso, al empacho, a la profusión. -Es demasiado…Y es lo suficiente para mí-. Alguien que vacila, que pregunta. ¿Necesito esto? ¿Es realmente necesario?, no es un coleccionista. Una colección es siempre más de lo que sería necesario”. 

Susan Sontag. El amante del volcán.

During the month of May there will be presentations of artists and designers every day where you can sign up by sending an email to info@mondogaleria.es and come to meet the creators. The dates and times of presentation can be seen in our social networks.